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Since the Old Mongols lived in a situation where basic instincts were dependably absolutely critical, it involved course that they ought to create brilliant devices, both regular citizen and military. One bit of gear that was of awesome criticalness in war and in the every day life of the Mongols was their composite bow. Maybe this bow isn't exactly also referred to in the West as the established English longbow, which was the best bow ever to rise in Europe. 

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Gers have been a distinctive feature of life in Central Asia for at least three thousand years. A Ger is our traditional round shaped dwelling that has been used since the Mongols started nomadic life with animal husbandry. In essence – it’s their home. Ger is portable, easily assembled and disassembled, and the most natural dwelling on earth. A ger consists of felt covers, wooden columns, and a round window at the top, thin wooden poles and floor, wall (wooden lattice attached together with animal hide, ropes) and ropes. Most of ger materials are made of animals like felt- sheep wool, ropes- camel or sheep wool, horse or yak’s tail, and of course wood.

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Kharkhorin - In 1220 Chinggis Khaan set up the capital of Mongolian domain on the ripe fields along the Orkhon River. This is called Kharkhorin, 373 km from Ulaanbaatar city. Kharkhorin is situated at the lower end of the upper valley of the Orkhon River, which is part if the World Heritage Site Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. The area denotes the eastern lower regions of the Khangai Mountains. Kharkhorin town populace is 8,977 (2003), city region is 20.5 km2. 

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Altai Tavan Bogd is the nighest mountain in Mongolia. The importance of the name is Five Saints of Altai. This mountain is situated in the Bayan Ulgii territory. The Huiten Peak is the most elevated purpose of Mongolia at 4374 meters above ocean level. Other than Huiten top, the mountain incorporates four tops as Nairamdal, Malchin, Burged and Ulgii. The Nairamdal Peak frames the outskirt tripoint between Mongolia, Russia, and the Xinjiang territory of China.

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The Monastery of Tranquil Felicity is one of the three biggest Buddhist focuses in Mongolia is situated close to the Selenge River in the Iven valley, at the foot of Mount Buren Khaan of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia. The closest town is Erdenet which is around 60 km toward the southwest. 

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It is Naadam time in Mongolia – an itinerant celebration celebrated in any event for a considerable length of time, and an essential time for Mongolian wrestlers and steed mentors, horse-riders and bowmen. The naadam convention is really antiquated in its sources, originating before, maybe by centuries, the ascent of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khaan) in the mid Thirteenth Century. Naadam can be likened to the first Olympic Games of old Greece. 

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The World Cup trophy has touched base in Ulaanbaatar. The capital city has been picked as one of the goals of FIFA Trophy Tour which is going around 91 urban communities of 50 nations. Today, the trophy was exhibited to crowd at Football Pitch of the Mongolian Football Federation (MFF). 

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In Mongol society, men were prevailing. The general public was man centric and patrilineal. Nonetheless, Mongol ladies had significantly more flexibility and power than ladies in other male centric societies, for example, Persia and China. While the Chinese were restricting ladies' feet, Mongol ladies were riding horseback, battling in fights, tending their crowds and affecting their men on imperative choices for the Mongolian Empire. 

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The Mongolian ger or yurt is the ideal staying for peaceful migrants; as needs be, they have been utilized for a huge number of years in that piece of the world. Gers are portable, can be pressed up and put on a camel or bulls' back or on a truck. Gers are lightweight however solid. Since they are round, they can withstand the breezes that continually blow on the steppes. The dividers are made of latticed, confounded adaptable wood, and are around 6 feet tall.

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One realm, the biggest adjoining domain ever, originated from the splendid endeavors and authority of one man, Genghis Khan. Genghis, his children and grandsons, made this quick spreading domain which ruled from the islands of Japan the whole way across Asia to Eastern Europe and included China, Russia, Hungary, Iran, the Middle East, Mongolia and Indochina. From 1206 to 1368, the Mongol Empire spread out from the Mongolian steppes like an out of control fire until the point when it progressively disintegrated because of its own multifaceted nature and size. 

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