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Naadam is the most acclaimed, intriguing celebration and national occasion of Mongolia draws in overall consideration. Starting point of the celebration goes back to the immense warriors' time frame or awesome Genghis Khaan's time of the thirteenth century. Naadam signifies "Celebration or devour of games". And, the celebration is privately named "Eriin Gurvan Naadam" signifies "Three masculine games".

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There are couple of things to see near the Dadal town focus (now and again called Bayan Ovoo). Hajuu Bulag is little spring amidst the backwoods close to the Bayan River, which Chinggis Khaan is said to have flushed. Somewhat east of this spring is Deluun Boldog, which nearby consider the origin of Temuujin (antiquarians may suspect something). The slope is finished with a stone landmark committed in 1990 to respect the 750th commemoration The Secret History of the Mongols, a thirteenth century annal of the domain.

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It is the sacrosanct site has worshiped by Chinggis Khaan, this mountain is rich in archeological history, with more than 800 entombment locales distinguished by archeologists. The mountain is situated in the 1.2 million hectare Khan Khentii Strict Protected Area which built up in 1992.

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