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He was the third child of Chinggis Khaan and second Great Khaan of Mongol Empire by succeeding his dad. Ugudei started his govern planning to satisfy his command as leader of the world. Vigorously he started drafting vanquished individuals into his armed forces. Amid Ugudei's twelve years of rule (1229-1241), the Mongols significantly expanded the domains under their control, moving from Central Asia into Russia in the 1230s and engrossing quite a bit of Russian region.

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Temujin, who was a child of Yosuhei and relative of the Mongol Khabul Khaan was conceived in 1162, after Tatar clan hostage. This kid was turned into the best of all Mongolians, know to the world as Chinggis khaan. At 20 years old, he has risen up out of a power battle to end up noticeably the pioneer of the Borjigon Mongol faction, and later figured out how to join the majority of the Mongol clan. In 1206 Chinggis Khaan was announced the Great Khaan of all Mongols.

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