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Naadam is likely a standout amongst the most famous occasions in Mongolia. For three days, onlookers can watch wrestling matches, horse races, bows and arrows and bone flicking. Something beyond a donning occasion, this occasion is likewise a chance to mess around with the family and companions, test neighborhood road nourishment and attempt airag (aged steed drain). 

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Buddhism in Mongolia determines quite a bit of its current attributes from Tibetan Buddhism of the Gelug and Kagyu genealogies. Customarily, the Mongols ethnic religions included love of Heaven (the "unceasing blue sky") and predecessors and the antiquated North Asian practices of shamanism, in which human middle people went into stupor and addressed and for a portion of the innumerable interminabilities of spirits in charge of human fortunes or setback. 

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Long back, individuals of the steppe and the taiga had faith in the domain of spirits. The shamans of the time did not see a limit between the universe of the living and the universe of the dead. They trusted that loathsome things would happen, if individuals wound up unmindful of their umbilical association with nature. 

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Speaking to 5% of the aggregate populace of the nation (about 100,000) Kazakhs are the biggest Muslim people group in Mongolia. They have their own particular Turkic dialect and culture. The greater part of them lead pretty much a roaming peaceful life in the Bayan-Ölgii (rich support) territory in western Mongolia. 

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In Europe and in Asia, indigenous individuals have lived together with reindeers for a huge number of years. In Mongolia, portrayals of flying reindeers have been cut in more than 500 rocks, known as "reindeers shakes", some of which some more than 3000 years of age. 

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