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The World Cup trophy has touched base in Ulaanbaatar. The capital city has been picked as one of the goals of FIFA Trophy Tour which is going around 91 urban communities of 50 nations. Today, the trophy was exhibited to crowd at Football Pitch of the Mongolian Football Federation (MFF). 

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Consistently the Mongolians observe "Tsagaan Sar" or New Year amongst winter and spring (the correct date relies upon the lunar date-book). Ordinarily, it is held at new moon toward the finish of January or in February. The occasion is commended all through Mongolia for three days. Tsagaan Sar is an occasion that commends the finish of winter and serves to welcome a thriving new year. It symbolizes a solid, well off life. Individuals begin their arrangements for Tsagaan Sar one month before hand.

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In Mongolia, Bankhar puppies are believed to be "of a similar soul" as people, and pooches are the main creatures that are given names. At the point when a Bankhar bites the dust, its remaining parts are normally put over a mountain so it is nearer to the divine beings and soul world, thus that individuals don't stroll over its bones.

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