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AGLAG BUTEEL MONASTERY: This sanctuary is found 100 km away toward the north-west of Ulaanbaatar on the mountainside of rough and woody mountain. When you land at the sanctuary, the principal thing you see is blue, white, and orange shaded stupas which speaks to Mongolian 3 divinities of the Root. Blue shading speaks to the Ochirvaani god whose part is to secure Mongolian land and individuals, white shading speaks to the Janraisag divinity who shields individuals from any sufferings and threat, and orange speaks to Manzushir god who respects the brain. There is cleared street until the point when the mountain skirt, at that point there's a climbing trial to the sanctuary. There are images of sanctuary's defensive gods made by utilizing interesting arrangement of rocks and stones which is made like the creatures from Buddhist legends. 

There are 2 nature rocks standing out of the ground inside and outside of the sanctuary, and those first found when individuals were beginning to manufacture the establishment of the sanctuary. They cleared out those stones as it is on account of when they attempted to cut and evacuate them sudden rapidly spreading fire began and they thought it was nature's notice of not to influence those stones. 

Tall tale like creatures in this sanctuary was made by G. Purevbat, who had building this sanctuary. He utilized his accumulations of nature's extraordinary molded rocks, tree roots, and other one of a kind things to make these creatures where he initially observed them in his contemplation dreams. 

On the second floor of the sanctuary there is historical center called bizarre things where there is Purevbat's accumulations of abnormal creature's genuine shows. For instance, there is a boa constrictor's skin, goliath crocodile's skin, 1 skull of unicorn, 4 horned slam, 6 horned pronghorns, 1 horned mountain goat, 6 horned pig, 5 headed fish with their depiction of where they found. 

Subsequent to going to the sanctuary and the gallery, explorers can climb by the climbing trails where they can see bizarre molded distinctive normal shakes and trees.

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