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Burkhan Khaldun mountain

It is the sacrosanct site has worshiped by Chinggis Khaan, this mountain is rich in archeological history, with more than 800 entombment locales distinguished by archeologists. The mountain is situated in the 1.2 million hectare Khan Khentii Strict Protected Area which built up in 1992. Small scale fore, the sanctum of Burkhan Khaldun is at the foot of it however not on the best. Since individuals trust that there is an entombment of dignitaries so it must be kept in mystery and it is illegal to climb the mountain. Burkhan Khaldun is one of four state loved mountains; in this way, dark token of national is venerated and celebrated at the all through the country.

The base of the mountain can be come to by four-wheel drive vehicle from the whole focal point of Monngonmorit if there have been no current downpours and the street is dry. Generally get to is by horse from Mongonmort zone. From the campground at the base of the mountain to the summit is a move of 2144 vertical feet. The rising can be made in one day by walking, despite the fact that steeds are unquestionably ideal. The mountain is in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and an allow is required to visit.

Another area in the Khentii Mountain frequented by Zanabazar was 7724-foot Khentii Khan Uul, otherwise called the Burkhan Khaldun of the Khamug Mongols. The highest point of this mountain is the place as indicated by legend; Chinggis Khan went to petition God for direction before going into fight. As indicated by the Rosary of White Lotuses , a thorough history of Buddhism in Mongolia, Chinggis , in spite of the fact that not a Buddhist himself, was viewed as a radiation of Vajrapani, one of the defender divinities of Mongolia.By mid seventeenth century Chiggis had turned into an acknowledged figure in the Buddhist pantheon and Burkhan Khaldun (Khentii Khan Uul) had formed into a pioneer age site for Buddhists who needed to respect his soul

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