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Chuluut River in Undur-Ulaan Soum, Arkhangai Aimag takes its ascent from Eg mountain go of Khangai run and subsequent to streaming for around 415km it frames Selenge by joining Delger River and Ider River. Chuluut River courses through 20m-profound soak gulch of basaltic shake for around 100km from the stream mouth of Teel River till Atsat River. A basaltic shake is magma flew from the Mount Khorgo and different volcanoes close it. There is a little waterfall streaming down from a lofty shake close to a conjunction of Suman and Chuluut waterways. This waterfall is known as Choidogyn Borgio and it is intriguing to see angle accumulated from Chuluut and Selenge waterways blazing the surface upwards waterfall. Chuluut River gully is rich of springs plenteous in hydro carbonate, sulfate and sodium, and contains numerous petro glyphs go back to Neolithic and Bronze Age. These give in compositions incorporate novel portrayals, for example, pictures of 6 ladies giving a birth, a man shooting with a bow and a bolt, crowds of ibex and deer, a man remaining with raised hands, bulls, mountain sheep, profiled sketches of men and a conceal man. These artworks were taken under state security in 1998.

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