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Darkhan city

Darkhan area was worked in 1961 as a mechanical focus in the North and Darkhan-Uul region was built up in 1994. With a populace of 75 000 occupants, Darkhan is the second biggest city of Mongolia The area's domain is found 700 meters above ocean level and 230km from Capital Ulaanbaatar. It is situated along the Mongolian railroad connecting the north and south of Mongolia. Regardless of the possibility that it is situated in the core of the region of Selenge, the city is viewed as a region in its own particular right. Darkhan-Uul area is the major farming maker in Mongolia with rich assets for rural advancement. Darkhan has rich common assets and mineral stores and in addition a plenitude of vegetation and natural life. There are secured creatures, for example, sable, deer, elk, beaver, and the sturgeon, which are enlisted in the Red Book. Darkhan was worked as the establishment for Mongolia's real enterprises, especially development materials.

Darkhan-Uul territory lies between the Khangai and Khentii mountain runs in the Orkhon and Selenge is immense waterway valleys. In the 32,750 square kilometers of this region there are many spots of regular magnificence, and a couple of touring. Darkhan is in the piece of Selenge area and that is the reason vacation destinations don't relate with this district.

Exhibition hall of Darkhan-Uul - named the Traditional Museum of Folk Art contains a well laid out gathering of archeological discoveries, conventional attire, religious ancient rarities and a couple of required soft toys.

Kharagiin Khiid.- most fascinating sight in Darkhan is the Kharagiin cloister. Housed in a beautiful log lodge in the old town, it has as of late turned out to be extremely dynamic. With a large group of defender gods and a tree encased in blue khadag silk scarves, the cloister has the vibe of a journey focus.

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