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Deluun Boldog

There are couple of things to see near the Dadal town focus (now and again called Bayan Ovoo). Hajuu Bulag is little spring amidst the backwoods close to the Bayan River, which Chinggis Khaan is said to have flushed. Somewhat east of this spring is Deluun Boldog, which nearby consider the origin of Temuujin (antiquarians may suspect something). The slope is finished with a stone landmark committed in 1990 to respect the 750th commemoration The Secret History of the Mongols, a thirteenth century annal of the domain.

Deluun Boldog Dadal soum/Believed to be Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan/

Temuujin was naturally introduced to the group of Yesugei Baatar in 1162 at a place called Deluun Boldog by the Onon stream in Dadal soum of Khentii aimag. Starting from 1185, Temuujin guided a military battle to join the Mongolian individuals, which was around then partitioned into more than 80 fighting ethnic tribes. At long last in 1206 the Great Mongol Empire was built up and Temuujin was proclaimed Chinggis Khaan which signified "Awesome Khaan".

There are two landmarks devoted to Chinggis Khaan. One is a vast shake in Deluun Boldog with an engraving in old Mongol content denoting the origin of the Great Khaan. The other landmark was initiated in 1962 to honor the 800th commemoration of Chinggis Khaan's introduction to the world. It is an existence estimate figure of Chinggis Khaan cut on a white stone in the state of mountain crests engraved with old Mongol content.

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