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In Mongol society, men were prevailing. The general public was man centric and patrilineal. Nonetheless, Mongol ladies had significantly more flexibility and power than ladies in other male centric societies, for example, Persia and China. While the Chinese were restricting ladies' feet, Mongol ladies were riding horseback, battling in fights, tending their crowds and affecting their men on imperative choices for the Mongolian Empire. 

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One realm, the biggest adjoining domain ever, originated from the splendid endeavors and authority of one man, Genghis Khan. Genghis, his children and grandsons, made this quick spreading domain which ruled from the islands of Japan the whole way across Asia to Eastern Europe and included China, Russia, Hungary, Iran, the Middle East, Mongolia and Indochina. From 1206 to 1368, the Mongol Empire spread out from the Mongolian steppes like an out of control fire until the point when it progressively disintegrated because of its own multifaceted nature and size. 

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Steeds are a decent methods for transport and create meat and drain for utilization. The stallion populace in Mongolia is positioned the seventh biggest on the planet after China, USA, Russia, Brazil and Argentina, and Mongolia is the best positioned nation for the most noteworthy number of steeds per capita. 

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Starting point of the celebration goes back to the immense warriors' time frame or awesome Genghis Khaan's time of the thirteenth century. Naadam signifies "Celebration or devour of games". And, the celebration is privately named "Eriin Gurvan Naadam" signifies "Three masculine games".

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