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History of the Taimen Fund

The Taimen Fund was built up in 2013 to proceed prior endeavors by The Tributary Fund, ecotourism fly angling organizations, and universal fishermen to secure Mongolia's wild taimen. Though taimen were once fishable by allow in Mongolia as of late as the mid-2000s, protection endeavors have since brought about exhaustive taimen laws and controls. In December 2005, the Mongolian government enrolled the taimen as an "uncommon" animal types, a species whose populace is in serious decrease and debilitated with annihilation. Since 2008, the law has commanded catch and discharge rehearse and required the utilization of single barbless snares for all fishermen angling for taimen. 

In the mid 1990s, starting preservation endeavors started when ecotourism fly angling organizations initially landed in Mongolia following its quiet change to majority rule government. Fly angling suppliers Hovsgol Travel/Sweetwater Travel, Mongolia River Outfitters/Nomadic Journeys, and Fish Mongolia/Nomadic Journeys all started effective preservation centered activities in very profitable taimen watersheds. Every one of the three suppliers have actualized effective taimen protection methodologies in their separate watersheds. 

Eg-Uur Watershed 

In 2003, along the Eg-Uur watershed, Hovsgol Travel/Sweetwater Travel started facilitating global fisheries researchers to start benchmark information gathering on taimen. By social affair information in the pilot Eg-Uur taimen watershed, this activity created new data on taimen life history, populace, and conditions for ideal movement. 

The products of this activity brought about new conceivable outcomes for enhanced nearby watershed administration and species assurance. The Taimen Conservation Fund, a Mongolian-based NGO, has helped set up taimen outreach exercises, for example, "Taimen Open Day" celebrations in the Eg-Uur for neighborhood groups. The Tributary Fund, the ancestor of The Taimen Fund, likewise attempted to reinforce a solid program of effort. The Tributary Fund started group engagement programs, including a kids' taimen training camp and nearby taimen science workshops, in the Eg-Uur. 

Onon-Balj Watershed 

In 2008, along the Onon-Balj watershed of the Onon and Balj streams, the world's first taimen asylum was set up because of the endeavors of a protection association, initially comprising of Mongolia River Outfitters/Nomadic Journeys, WWF Mongolia and six neighborhood groups, whose reason for existing was to guarantee that the Onon waterway could manage sound populaces of taimen. Inside taimen havens, all angling is entirely managed with groups, government specialists and the fly-angling administrator working in show. The waters inside the havens are assigned "catch and discharge" for all fishermen and "fly-angling just" for every single worldwide fisherman. All fishers must utilize single barbless snares. Moreover, these waters deny incubation facilities and speedboats, with 3-kilometer streamside misfortunes for mining, business ranger service, and perpetual tourism framework advancement. Fisherman numbers inside the asylums are entirely directed to keep up both the nature of the fishery and the nature of the angling knowledge. 

In 2009, this preservation association sorted out the RARE Mongolia Pride Campaign. The battle sorted out a gigantic open mindfulness crusade and instructive program inside the haven, advancing taimen as a vital piece of Mongolia's national legacy and as a key to watershed preservation. The undertaking connected with nearby fishermen, changing neighborhood "poachers" into stream watchmen. The crusade imparted the monetary capability of group oversaw preservation zones, including stewardship of the watershed, alongside the social and ecological hugeness of securing Mongolia's most charming fish and marker species, the taimen. The Onon-Balj watershed now profits by wide based group bolster for taimen protection. Today, "Angling Clubs" join forces with WWF, Mongolia River Outfitters/Nomadic Journeys and neighborhood and national government organizations to elevate protection and to authorize strict angling and access controls. 

Delger Murun Watershed 

In the Delger Murun watershed, which was assigned as the area of the world's second taimen haven, Fish Mongolia/Nomadic Journeys has upheld various group protection ventures, facilitated taimen instructive workshops with nearby herders and group individuals and composed a Spirit of the River crusade to achieve universal and local fishermen through instructive effort in the common capital of Khovsgol Aimag and the Chinggis Khan International Airport at Ulaanbaatar in 2011. In 2010, Fish Mongolia/Nomadic Journeys teamed up with the National University of Mongolia to have graduate understudies in a long haul populace appraisal of the Delger Murun stream, extending instructive open doors in fisheries administration and expanding the measure of natural information on taimen. 

The Taimen Fund 

The Tributary Fund, the antecedent of the Taimen Fund, facilitated the main thorough taimen preservation gatherings in 2010. The two Taimen Summits, one in the United States and one in Mongolia, included researchers, suppliers and partners. In 2011, the U.S.- based non-benefit Wild Salmon Center encouraged a Taimen Workshop in relationship with the yearly Society for Conservation Biology symposium in New Zealand, where partners assembled to recognize investigate needs, issues and synergistic activities. The requirement for open effort rose to the highest priority on the rundown and remains a need of The Taimen Fund today. 

In 2012, The Tributary Fund commenced the "National Mongolia Taimen Awareness Campaign," with help from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and the Taimen Conservation Alliance; in 2010, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund had granted stipends to The Tributary Fund, now The Taimen Fund, to help the battle. Up until this point, the national battle has achieved an incredible arrangement, including: Broad dissemination of leaflets and logos and workshops in a few taimen watersheds; the production of new angling clubs; the distribution of articles and broadcasting of TV meets by media outlets with national achieve; the establishment of notices at angling access destinations and two noteworthy airplane terminals; and in addition pre-and post-crusade review measurements, estimating attitudinal moves because of the battle. Moreover, the national pride crusade focused on not just taimen fishers and occupants in taimen territories, yet in addition assembled a type of national informing about the significance of keeping up in place stream frameworks in order to give social, financial, and natural advantages for the advantage of all of Mongolia. Because of these multifaceted endeavors to secure taimen, the uncommon species is today the national pride of Mongolia. Before this National Taimen Conservation Campaign, there was no composed push to encourage brought together national activity. 

All the more as of late, The Taimen Fund fills in as financial support and administrator of this national crusade, which would not exist without its numerous accomplices. Since 2015, The Taimen Fund has likewise upheld the endeavors of Wild Salmon Center to save wild taimen waterways in the Russia Far East.

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