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The Mongolian horse

Fashioned by the cruel atmosphere of the steppes, the Mongolian steed is gotten from centuries of merciless common choice, which is added to an extremely old human choice.

Little, very nearly a horse, its durability is unbelievable, be that as it may, and he goes with the migrants of Mongolia in their every day lives. It furnishes them with methods for transport, drain, and once in a while meat in winter.

History of the breed

The Mongolian steed is an extremely antiquated breed, as prove by many signs: visit line following the spine, zebra stripes on the legs...

Once in a while did a breed assume such a notable part, since it is mostly on account of the uncommon quality of the Mongolian steed that Genghis Khan could overcome a domain from China to the core of Europe in the thirteenth century!

So it's nothing unexpected that we discover a few qualities of Mongolian stallion in many steed breeds that are found out and about of the overcoming armed force!

Most as of late, there has been endeavors to cross the Mongolian stallions with Arabian steeds, to attempt to give them somewhat more tallness while keeping up their perseverance qualities.

These steeds have really demonstrated greater and quicker, to the point they must be isolated from customary Mongolian stallions amid Naadam races.

Ideally these activities won't prompt lost the first model.

Morphology and temper of the Mongolian stallion

The Mongolian stallion is little, with an especially created forequarters, a short and gigantic neck.

The body is wide, the back and legs are short with great joints.

Contrasted with its size, the Mongolian steed is exceptionally solid, and extremely intense.

The stallions are never shod, aside from in winter in the Lake Khovsgol district, with a specific end goal to settle spikes to steeds that draw the sleigh on the solidified lake.

All hues are conceivable, incorporating those with extremely old signs, for example, zebra stripes. Mongolian wanderers don't have a name for their steeds, they call them by their shading, and they have many distinctive terms to depict the nuances of conceivable shades of their stallions.

The Mongolian stallion has a meek temper, since investing months in opportunity in the steppe, it demonstrates a peaceful conduct when its proprietor gets it for the ride.

However dependably remember that the Mongolian steed holds numerous wild conduct, in view of this way of life, particularly an extremely suspicious character.

It is regularly said that there are the same number of steeds as men in Mongolia, and without a doubt they are around three million.

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