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Welcome to Ger

Much obliged to you for your enthusiasm for one of the world's most basically and appealingly composed homes. The Mongolian yurt, or ger as it is known in Mongolia itself, has been utilized for a large number of years by the migrants of Central Asia is as yet a typical sight in numerous nations in the area.

With its special outline, structure and useful components, the yurt is as yet a well known home. Mongolian yurts (ger) are pulling in enthusiasm from individuals in many parts of the world as a biologically cordial and appealing living space that can be utilized for an assortment of purposes.

The terms yurt and ger are compatible and depict the customary versatile Mongolian home comprising of a wooden casing and felt dividers.

Yurts (gers) are intended to be anything but difficult to dismantle, transport, and reproduce. Regardless of this convenientce, they are sufficiently warm to keep the coldest winter temperatures under control and sufficiently solid to withstand solid breezes and the requests of an entire family.

The yurt (ger) is a round structure assembled utilizing a wooden, accordion outline that can be effortlessly brought down, made reduced for conveying, and reassembled. On this casing are put three to four layers of felt, customarily produced using sheep's fleece, and an external layer of waterproof canvas. The felt and canvas are secured to the wooden casing and the subsequent structure can stand safely in one place for a considerable length of time or even years on end.

The wooden edge of the yurt (ger) is held together by restricting burdens composed into the structure and by stallion, yak and camel hair ties. A focal section holds up the struts of the rooftop, which fan out from an opening that obliges a stove pipe and can be opened up to the components on a warm day or shrouded in case of rain or frosty temperatures. The lower sides of the external wrapping of the yurt can likewise be raised to enable air to circle openly to cool the inside on warm days.

What are yurts (gers) utilized for?

In the event that you have been to Mongolia, you will definitely as of now have a thought of how you wish to utilize a yurt. Be that as it may, we might want to give a few thoughts on how a yurt (ger) might add to your way of life for the individuals who don't have this experience. In spite of the fact that travelers in Mongolia utilize yurts lasting through the year in temperatures as low as - 35 and as high as +40 degrees Celsius, we suggest utilizing yurts (gers) in temperatures between about - 10 and +30 degrees Celsius as it takes unique care and aptitude to keep the inside of a yurt warm amid conditions colder than - 10 degrees Celcius.

A yurt gives the climate of a migrant way of life as well as has numerous handy and charming uses for individuals in North America and somewhere else on the planet.

Right off the bat, a Mongolian ger (yurt) makes a perfect second or occasion home to some extent since it can be put to many employments. One of the pleasantest approaches to make utilization of a yurt is as a structure in a lawn or another spot. The straightforwardness with which air flows through a yurt makes it cool in summer and it can likewise be made warm when the temperatures start to fall. You can utilize a littler yurt as a room and view the stars in the night sky through the opening in the rooftop. A yurt can simply be utilized as a kitchen or lounge area or a blend of the two; you could even take a stab at cooking Mongolian-style grill in your Mongolian ger. A yurt can be utilized as a feasting structure, a marquee for a family occasion, or as a playhouse for kids. We suggest our paint-enlivened or cut yurts with 5 or 6 divider sections (estimate, costs) for these sorts of employments.

Also, yurts can be put to use as the site of an independent company or a classroom for courses and workshops. Yurts are naturally benevolent structures and are ideal for use as brief lodging, a little shop, a celebration structure, a visitor house, or an occasion home. For this kind of utilization we suggest our paint-improved or cut yurts 6, 8 and 10 divider fragments (sizes, costs).

Thirdly, with its versatility and wind-resistance and simplicity of get together, a little yurt makes a perfect brief abode when voyaging and is more agreeable and down to earth than any tent. We prescribe our travel yurts (measure, cost) for this sort of utilization. Our travel yurt is an imaginative new kind of yurt initially made in 2006 by a Mongolian ger expert. The yurt can be dismantled and conveyed in just two packs that fit effectively into the normal car.

A Mongolian yurt (ger) can likewise be utilized to give space to an assortment of exercises for organizations offering recreational administrations, and they will be a state of enthusiasm for supporters. As you may have found in Mongolia, yurts are normally used to give lodge sort convenience at visitor camps in the field. Yurts are utilized as convenience as well as eateries, shops and exhibition halls in the place where there is their cause. In the event that you are keen on utilizing a yurt for a business, for example, bar and eatery, we suggest our paint-brightened or cut yurts with 10 divider portions (sizes, costs). A unique Mongolian yurt with ten divider fragments will contain roughly 20 eatery tables with five seats each.

Any occasion concentrating on itinerant culture and custom will likewise be significantly upgraded with the expansion of a Mongolian ger (yurt). In the event that you are a Mongolian native living abroad or Mongolia-devotee, we would be happy to enable you to expand mindfulness and comprehension of one of the most seasoned societies on the planet. We prescribe cut yurts with 5, 6 or 8 dividers (sizes, costs) for use at uncommon occasions of this sort.

We supply conventional and unique hand-made Mongolian yurts and furniture to the US advertise.

We have a wide decision of Mongolian yurts available to be purchased. The greater part of our yurts (gers) and furniture are altogether hand-made and can be adjusted to suit the client's taste. It would be ideal if you visit the Yurt Types page of the site to see the wide assortment of yurts available to be purchased. Our Yurt Photo Albums page has wonderful Mongolian yurt pictures. We trust that you will discover our History of yurts, and Yurts and Nomads pages intriguing and the "Yurt Size", "Yurt Assembling" and "Yurt Maintenance" pages enlightening. On the off chance that you choose to purchase a Mongolian yurt from us, please visit the Yurt Prices and How to purchase pages.

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